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From humble beginnings, Water Pure & Simple began business in Westlock in May 1990. In 1994, the business moved to our current location at 9604 100 Street in Westlock. At that time bottles were washed, filled and loaded individually by hand. Very labour intensive! This was a challenging time, as bottled water was somethThe Old Trucking new! Over the years, the demand for our premium purified water has grown substantially. As the demand grew, the business took on more space within the building and equipment was upgraded along the way to improve product quality and efficiency.

In 2011 the business ownership changed, and John, Bernadette and Dan Vandenborn were in for a big challenge! As the new owners, lots of time was spent getting to know the business. Just as their first busy summer was almost through, the opposite end of the building suffered a substantial fire. Water Pure & Simple was extremely lucky to only sustain minor smoke damage in a small area. The fire marked the beginning of a whirlwind of change. As the building was rebuilt and renovated, the business continued without interruption. A new warehouse was added on to the rear of the building complete with loading dock access and a huge freezer for ice storage. Once the warehouse was complete, work began on the new office and show room. Throughout the renovations, all of the production equipment was also upgraded. Currently, 400 bottles per hour of water can be produced, along with 24 skids of ice per day. This was a massive upgrade! The work in the facility was imperative to provide customers with top tier products and service. No customer should ever run short of product because the facility can’t product it. Extra care and effort was poured into every detail of the operation to ensure the quality of every product produced. The plant has technology that wouldn’t even be found in much larger operations!

With the plant running smoothly, efforts have shifted to enhancing product offerings and streamline office operations. All invoicing and routing is now completed electronically. The next big change will be the addition of online account access and ordering.

Throughout the years, and the changes, customer service has always remained the top priority. As a small family owned business, we continue to work hard for our customers. We are excited to see where the future of water, ice and coffee takes us. You can be assured that Water Pure & Simple will always be there to meet your refreshment needs.